Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank you thank you thank you

To the latest and greatest of Meet Make Share:

Thank you all for coming out on Friday for our end of semester show, and the fantastic ceremony of Meet Make Share hand-over expansion.  It was a blast! Now is the time we break for summer, catch our breaths from the sprint to the end of semester, and drink. (Water or whatever...) 

It has been an incredible year, and Meet Make Share could not have happened without it's people. I want to arrange a final get together for my Kansas City Meet Make Share experience before I move out to Oregon.  I will keep you updated as the event unveils itself to me (I'm thinking it will be somewhat mobile, and ice cream will be involved.) Just leave your schedule open from 7-10 on Wednesday and we'll meet up at studio and have an adventure!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Save the INDA nation!

Whew another week gone, and just a few more to go! Well, today we're having a sort of double meeting set up.  At 1 oclock I've called an open meeting to talk about the Interdisciplinary Department and different measures we can take to express our feelings about the sudden decision to cut the program... Seeing that it has been the birth place and main venue for Meet Make Share I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to attend.  

Then at 6, rather than five (so we can eat/sleep/whatever) there will be the regular Meet Make Share with movie and all.  The activity might correlate to what we'll have covered at the 1 oclock meeting, but I'll put the spread of goods out so we can be a little spontaneous about what we make.  

I'd also like to make a preliminary announcement about the ceremony to commemorate the passing of Meet Make Share to two new coordinators to head the Kansas City MMS, as I will be going on to Portland and starting one up out there.  This exciting event will be at 5:30, May 8th as part of the end of semester show "Indanetics."  Come one, come all!

One last thing, 
enjoy the weather! And I'll see you in studio.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

we all need to know what's coming

In honor of the mysterious abysmal future that awaits many of us graduating, I figured we aught to make our own predictions for our futures.  They could help with some choices that need to be made, or at least decide what we should have for dinner.  If we can devise a way to make magic 8 balls, that would be awesome.  I'll bring some jars to look at.  Any good movie ideas? I was thinking Poltergeist, it's good, creepy, funny, and the little sqeaky shaman lady is sort of a fortune teller right? Well bring something if it seems appropriate. See you in studio.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hair? Hare?

I apologize for last week, I was busy checking out 600 alpaca at the MOPACA convention!! Maybe someday I will have a farm. -Anyway- tomorrow, in studio we'll be watching Arnold battle the dread-locked alien in predator, while we do up our hair into awesome corn row assortments. I will have mini-rubber band hair binders, combs, water, and bobby pins.  Bring your do's and your friends with their do's.  I know we're sort of in the nearing of the end of semester sprint, but stop by, or bring your project to work on- you won't regret it! See you there!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break (RIP)

Whew! What a week.  First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that came out to the special Meet Make Share at the Monarch Gallery on the 13th, it was a blast! There wouldn't have been a Meet Make Share spot at the opening without you. I hope you all were able to make it to the opening on Friday and see the results of your creative minds and bodies.  Well...I'm dreading the school week ahead, as I'm sure any spring breaker can relate. SO- there will be a Meet Make Share tonight in studio, I understand for many of us we have critiques tomorrow, but we might need a break in there too. 

Student Assembly has graciously funded Meet Make Share, and over the break I was able to go out and get a whole bunch of new goodies for us to work with, so come by tonight when you're at the hair-tearing-out point of your work, and take a break.  Play with some clay.  We have brand new sharpies...120 colors of crayons. See you there.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's try this again.

Hey folksies, happy week of beautiful weather! So last week was a bit of a disaster in Meet Make Share terms; Alicia was in St. Louis until a half hour before we were supposed to start, and basically it never happened. (This isn't Alicia's fault, the group just never congregated into anything)  So, we get a do-over, a mulligan, a try-try again.  Bring on the pop star posters for real!!


I have another little something for us to do for a project Zach is doing with project Row Houses.  This is more idea making and writing down, but it will be fun and easy, and will be part of a 25 cent art dispenser (once feminine product dispenser).  So...double wammy this Sunday, and then!

A special Meet Make Share event is happening Friday at the Monarch Gallery from 6-9pm  I'll post more details in a few days, but it's part of the Glee Medicine show that will open on March 20th.

Whew, so onward with the pop star posters and dispensable art projects.  I will see you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

teenie bop pop poster night

So oscar night was pretty fun, we made a nice collection of mini-statuettes ranging from a 2" oscar to a rocket ship and a two-headed quadri-ped.  Tonight's plan was suggested by Alicia, and she will be bringing some general poster supplies, I'll have some glue and paper and glitter type things as well.  If you want, print out some fantastic photos of your favorite pop star (I might get some old school J.T.T. to bring be back to my 6th grade heart throb) otherwise we should have some current People magazines and their equivalents to dig through!  Also, I've got movies, but if you have a totally fantastic one bring it in!  See you in the studio tonight.

And for other news...
Last Monday I had a meeting with Student Assembly's Allocations Committee about allocating some funds for Meet Make Share.  I gave my pitch about how great this past year has been, and how rich the creative experience is when your with a group of folks that want to hang out and make stuff too.  I'll keep everyone posted about the goings on with funds, I should find out next week. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar, osc-ar, o-scar

Hello folks, 

My apologies for last week.  I had a whirlwind expedition with Valentine's day and my Valentine in town, along with our guest speaker (my Valentine's teacher) Harrell Fletcher, who showed us around (not the other way around).  Long story short, we hosted Meet Make Share at my place again, but instead of Sunday we threw it down on a Friday.  Three movies (!) lots of food, and plenty of projects were made (I cannot for the life of me find my usb cord for my camera, or I would have pictures to share).  Highlights were definitely Earth Girls are Easy, Kurt's homemade bread, Julia's tomato salad, balancing brooms, green M&Ms, Charlie getting tattooed, frozen custard cake, and ending with a sampling of youtube's greatest.  It was a blast.  

Now for this week, I'm a little weary of sticking on the theme-train, so it'd be easy to say we're going to embrace the Oscar's, which we might do.  But we might not.  I am for sure going to bring a roll of aluminum foil, and I am going to attempt a mini-oscar statuette, which I welcome others to join in the activity.  But I'm really just going to lay out the spread of materials and bring some movies, and some popcorn and we'll see what happens!  Hope to see you there! (p.s. "there" means studio tonight)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

love is in the air???

Alright, I'm a sucker for silly holiday crafts, and I seriously think Valentine's Day cards should be milked for all their worth. Come one, come all to the INDA studios again this Sunday for a Valentine extravaganza.  I bought the most obnoxious variety of pink gel pens, as well as shimmery paper and glitter, oh! and ribbon for the occasion.  So stop by, bring a project to work on, make a Valentine, and hang out!  See you Sunday at 5.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


For all ye Super Bowl enthusiasts, I invite you to a special Meet Make Share this Sunday at 5 PM for kick off at my apartment. The regular studio location likely won't get much T.V. reception, and we gotta see the line of scrimmage! So, come on over if you know where it is, and if you need any directions give me a call at 651-558-6934 or email me.  I'm conjuring up some form of nacho and dip as well as plenty of other artery clogging salty and sweet delectables! B.Y.O.B. Get ready for a great game, and of course some meeting, making, and sharing.  See you Sunday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meet Make Share 2009!

Alright, we are finally meeting this Sunday, (today) January 25th, from 5 to 8.  Our normal location isn't open yet, so I'm hosting the meeting at my place.  For those of you who don't know where that is, give me a call and I will guide you in! 651-558-6934  I've got a stack of games, yarn, needles, food.  BYOB and we've got a night! See you soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Defrosting 2009

Hey everybody.  It has been quite the vacation, but with the new semester around the corner, I thought I'd update on my personal meeting making and sharing this winter break.   I made it back to Minnesota, and watched the snow come down while I made presents, and decorated cookies with my bros.  I've attempted to read like a maniac, but I haven't made much of a dent of the stack of books I got for christmas and the good ol' birthday.  After New Year's, I flew out to Portland to spend a couple of weeks hanging out with my man and the social practice crew at Portland State.  Zach and I made a marvelous snowman, who melted to nothing in a day! But my most exciting making and sharing was teaching Zach how to knit, and knitting together to make a two-person made scarf (sort of scarf- it's marvelous!).  Pictures to come! Since I've been back, I've worked like crazy- between ringing up art supplies and weaving, I'm pretty beat.  

Despite the beat-ness I'm extremely excited to get the Meet Make Share ball rolling again, as I've got a bazillion project ideas stored up, plus many a suggestion to explore.  I'm afraid tomorrow, January 18th, I'm driving to Lincoln, NE to meet my cousin's new baby, so we're all on our own again.  Next week (I PROMISE!) there will be something special, but the location will likely be in my home.  So I'll get a new post out next week with what's in store.  Can't wait to see everyone again!