Sunday, April 26, 2009

Save the INDA nation!

Whew another week gone, and just a few more to go! Well, today we're having a sort of double meeting set up.  At 1 oclock I've called an open meeting to talk about the Interdisciplinary Department and different measures we can take to express our feelings about the sudden decision to cut the program... Seeing that it has been the birth place and main venue for Meet Make Share I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to attend.  

Then at 6, rather than five (so we can eat/sleep/whatever) there will be the regular Meet Make Share with movie and all.  The activity might correlate to what we'll have covered at the 1 oclock meeting, but I'll put the spread of goods out so we can be a little spontaneous about what we make.  

I'd also like to make a preliminary announcement about the ceremony to commemorate the passing of Meet Make Share to two new coordinators to head the Kansas City MMS, as I will be going on to Portland and starting one up out there.  This exciting event will be at 5:30, May 8th as part of the end of semester show "Indanetics."  Come one, come all!

One last thing, 
enjoy the weather! And I'll see you in studio.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

we all need to know what's coming

In honor of the mysterious abysmal future that awaits many of us graduating, I figured we aught to make our own predictions for our futures.  They could help with some choices that need to be made, or at least decide what we should have for dinner.  If we can devise a way to make magic 8 balls, that would be awesome.  I'll bring some jars to look at.  Any good movie ideas? I was thinking Poltergeist, it's good, creepy, funny, and the little sqeaky shaman lady is sort of a fortune teller right? Well bring something if it seems appropriate. See you in studio.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hair? Hare?

I apologize for last week, I was busy checking out 600 alpaca at the MOPACA convention!! Maybe someday I will have a farm. -Anyway- tomorrow, in studio we'll be watching Arnold battle the dread-locked alien in predator, while we do up our hair into awesome corn row assortments. I will have mini-rubber band hair binders, combs, water, and bobby pins.  Bring your do's and your friends with their do's.  I know we're sort of in the nearing of the end of semester sprint, but stop by, or bring your project to work on- you won't regret it! See you there!