Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar, osc-ar, o-scar

Hello folks, 

My apologies for last week.  I had a whirlwind expedition with Valentine's day and my Valentine in town, along with our guest speaker (my Valentine's teacher) Harrell Fletcher, who showed us around (not the other way around).  Long story short, we hosted Meet Make Share at my place again, but instead of Sunday we threw it down on a Friday.  Three movies (!) lots of food, and plenty of projects were made (I cannot for the life of me find my usb cord for my camera, or I would have pictures to share).  Highlights were definitely Earth Girls are Easy, Kurt's homemade bread, Julia's tomato salad, balancing brooms, green M&Ms, Charlie getting tattooed, frozen custard cake, and ending with a sampling of youtube's greatest.  It was a blast.  

Now for this week, I'm a little weary of sticking on the theme-train, so it'd be easy to say we're going to embrace the Oscar's, which we might do.  But we might not.  I am for sure going to bring a roll of aluminum foil, and I am going to attempt a mini-oscar statuette, which I welcome others to join in the activity.  But I'm really just going to lay out the spread of materials and bring some movies, and some popcorn and we'll see what happens!  Hope to see you there! (p.s. "there" means studio tonight)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

love is in the air???

Alright, I'm a sucker for silly holiday crafts, and I seriously think Valentine's Day cards should be milked for all their worth. Come one, come all to the INDA studios again this Sunday for a Valentine extravaganza.  I bought the most obnoxious variety of pink gel pens, as well as shimmery paper and glitter, oh! and ribbon for the occasion.  So stop by, bring a project to work on, make a Valentine, and hang out!  See you Sunday at 5.