Saturday, January 17, 2009

Defrosting 2009

Hey everybody.  It has been quite the vacation, but with the new semester around the corner, I thought I'd update on my personal meeting making and sharing this winter break.   I made it back to Minnesota, and watched the snow come down while I made presents, and decorated cookies with my bros.  I've attempted to read like a maniac, but I haven't made much of a dent of the stack of books I got for christmas and the good ol' birthday.  After New Year's, I flew out to Portland to spend a couple of weeks hanging out with my man and the social practice crew at Portland State.  Zach and I made a marvelous snowman, who melted to nothing in a day! But my most exciting making and sharing was teaching Zach how to knit, and knitting together to make a two-person made scarf (sort of scarf- it's marvelous!).  Pictures to come! Since I've been back, I've worked like crazy- between ringing up art supplies and weaving, I'm pretty beat.  

Despite the beat-ness I'm extremely excited to get the Meet Make Share ball rolling again, as I've got a bazillion project ideas stored up, plus many a suggestion to explore.  I'm afraid tomorrow, January 18th, I'm driving to Lincoln, NE to meet my cousin's new baby, so we're all on our own again.  Next week (I PROMISE!) there will be something special, but the location will likely be in my home.  So I'll get a new post out next week with what's in store.  Can't wait to see everyone again!

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