Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's try this again.

Hey folksies, happy week of beautiful weather! So last week was a bit of a disaster in Meet Make Share terms; Alicia was in St. Louis until a half hour before we were supposed to start, and basically it never happened. (This isn't Alicia's fault, the group just never congregated into anything)  So, we get a do-over, a mulligan, a try-try again.  Bring on the pop star posters for real!!


I have another little something for us to do for a project Zach is doing with project Row Houses.  This is more idea making and writing down, but it will be fun and easy, and will be part of a 25 cent art dispenser (once feminine product dispenser).  So...double wammy this Sunday, and then!

A special Meet Make Share event is happening Friday at the Monarch Gallery from 6-9pm  I'll post more details in a few days, but it's part of the Glee Medicine show that will open on March 20th.

Whew, so onward with the pop star posters and dispensable art projects.  I will see you tomorrow!

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