Sunday, March 1, 2009

teenie bop pop poster night

So oscar night was pretty fun, we made a nice collection of mini-statuettes ranging from a 2" oscar to a rocket ship and a two-headed quadri-ped.  Tonight's plan was suggested by Alicia, and she will be bringing some general poster supplies, I'll have some glue and paper and glitter type things as well.  If you want, print out some fantastic photos of your favorite pop star (I might get some old school J.T.T. to bring be back to my 6th grade heart throb) otherwise we should have some current People magazines and their equivalents to dig through!  Also, I've got movies, but if you have a totally fantastic one bring it in!  See you in the studio tonight.

And for other news...
Last Monday I had a meeting with Student Assembly's Allocations Committee about allocating some funds for Meet Make Share.  I gave my pitch about how great this past year has been, and how rich the creative experience is when your with a group of folks that want to hang out and make stuff too.  I'll keep everyone posted about the goings on with funds, I should find out next week. Fingers crossed!

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